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This is very interesting page for the kids.  Please enjoy the following Videos and Game. 

Please dont forget to get back to us with your comments.

1. N A M A ZClick below


2. B I S M I L L A HClick below


3. A  for  A L L A HClick below

A for Allah.avi

4. T H A N K   Y O U   M O T H E RClick below

Thank You Mother.avi

5. Y O U R   M O T H E RClick below

Your Mother.avi

6. L A   I L A A H A   I L L A L L A HClick below

La Ilaaha Illalla.avi


1.  D I A M O N D SClick below


2. T H E   I N V A D E R SClick below


3. R O C K   N   R O C K E TClick below


4. S P E A R T O S S Click below


5. F O O T    B A L LClick below